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Tanya Exhibits in galleries, corporate and private collections. She is represented for use in Film, TV, Commercial  also with several galleries throughout Los Angeles. 

She is extremely observant in details and art risk taker and experimenter. She's inspired by Gerard Richter, Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock. 

Her art has depth and complexity created through her multi layering and texture. Her style is abstract expressionism using acrylics on canvas.

  She specializes in creating commission works to compliment the interiors and a reflection of her client's surroundings.  

She works with:


* The Entertainment Industry for Film, TV, Commercials

* Curators

* Galleries 

* Set Decorators

* Interior Designers

*Home Staging

* Furniture Stores

* Restaurants and Businesses 



                                 the COLORS in the art - project ENERGY - it sets the ambiance!


You will see a  visual transition from the Morning to the Evening

There are so many colors under the final painting that in different lighting- you can see them PEEK OUT; as there is always another painting lying beneath the finished works. 

.My hope is that viewers will be energized by the colors and textures and be able to connect with them, all that is needed is LIGHT!

artist from Huntington beach ,ca artist in Los Angles
artist in orange county ,ca
abstract Art

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